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In the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains stringent regulations regarding the final cover of a closed landfill. The EPA mandates a landfill cover which will eliminate water infiltration and minimize erosion. Implementation of an alternative landfill cover design requires approval by government regulators to ensure compliance with EPA standards.

ESI has a proven track record in providing a reliable, accurate measurement tool to help landfill management ensure that their cover meets EPA standards and supports ongoing monitoring to ensure continued compliance. Unlike other systems, ESI does not utilize individual sensors that can only sample a series of disconnected points in the landfill cover. Instead, a single probe provides an integral profile, ensuring a clear picture of what is actually happening in the landfill cover. The proprietary probe design ensures that installation does not degrade the integrity of the very cover that is being monitored for impermeability.

26 landfills in California use ESI's Moisture·Point® to monitor their landfill covers

ESI solutions can show:

  • If water is entering the landfill cover
  • If moisture is moving upward from the landfill waste
  • If moisture is moving both down from the surface and up from the waste, creating an unacceptable contaminant risk
  • If lateral waterflow is occurring in an area where two different cover materials interface

Case Studies in California:

The following are a list of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pages. These pages feature landfills that utilize our soil moisture sensors to fulfill their monitoring requirements.

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