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"The Flo•Point™ instrument has provided us with valuable, real time field information at our Calgary offices. This has allowed us to gather high quality data regarding our operation and make decisions with confidence." — Ron Chapman, VP Engineering, EagleRock Exploration

"I love this moisture sensor. No calibration, no maintenance - just bury to the correct depth and wire into our controllers. The units were up and running in five minutes. It was easy to hook up. I am excited to have found an instrument that works with my existing equipment without the need to have data loggers everywhere." — Sonya Tuten-Carns, Founder of AG-Tronix

"By combining our intelligent controllers, desktop and web based software, with ESI sensors for monitoring soil, salinity, soil temperature and wetted front, Signature now has the opportunity to provide our customers with an industry defining technology platform." — Brian J Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Signature Control Systems Inc.

"Abdulla Nasser and Associates is pleased to represent ESI in the United Arab Emirates. We recognize the potential for the Flo•Point™ technology in our lucrative oil market and look forward to a long and mutually prosperous relationship with ESI." — Mohammed El Fout, General Manager, Abdulla Nasser and Associates

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