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Special Interest

ESI are committed to the efficient use of the world's resources. The following links are to groups and institutions that we work with to further this aim.

  • The Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia
    Our local association - a site containing excellent information and many valuable tools.
  • Waterbucket
    the key to the communication strategy for the Water Sustainability Action Plan for British Columbia. It is designed to provide the complete story on integrated water management - why, what, where and how.
  • Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network
    "To support and encourage environmental education initiatives and foster environmental stewardship and sustainability in the Canadian Columbia Basin."
  • The Columbia Basin Trust
    The Columbia Basin Trust working in partnership with a variety of community groups, local governments, First Nations, and both Provincial and Federal organizations to increase the understanding of water issues in the Columbia Basin, and to work cooperatively towards a common agreement for the future management of our shared water resources.
    To stimulate the collaboration of public and private sectors to reduce vulnerability to climate variability and change including extreme weather events. The consortium will bridge the gaps between academic research and practical applications.
Smart Irrigation Month
  • The Irrigation Association
    A site containing excellent information about water use, research, and technology.

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