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Moisture·Point® extends the range of soil types in which water content can be accurately measured to include clay and saline soils. The unique probe design enables the effective profiling of soil moisture content where readings at several depths are required by using probes that can be as long as seven feet containing up to seven discreet and independent segments. Despite its advanced technical design and accuracy of performance, Moisture·Point® is easy to install from the soil surface, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Moisture·Point® is the only in-situ profiling moisture monitoring system consistently being chosen by regulators and environmental consulting firms in the US, for use in the site remediation and monitoring of landfills. The product has been chosen for several high profile projects internationally, including an airport runway in Norway, some of New Zealand's premier vineyards, Brunei and Brazil's forests, Hawaii's sugar cane plantations and Japan's dam construction and hillside slope stability program after the Kobe earthquake.

"Portable and designed to withstand environmental conditions, the MP-917 instrument is simple enough to be operated with little training, but powerful enough to be used as an accurate scientific data gathering and analysis tool."

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