Environmental Research

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Environmental Research

An accurate reliable measurement of soil moisture content is clearly an essential tool for anyone working in the field of agricultural research. It isn't just in the field of agricultural research, however, that scientists find a need for data of this type. A wide range of scientific applications, from the development of more durable roadbeds to the reclamation of worked out mines, are reliant upon high quality data to develop new solutions and guard against environmental hazards.

For over a decade ESI solutions have been the instrument of choice across a broad range of the scientific community, supporting projects of truly global proportion. Researchers know that they can rely upon ESI solutions to give them the data that they need, whether they are studying the effective irrigation of potatoes or measuring the planetary boundary layer.

Universities in 41 out of 50 US States have used the MoisturePoint Instrument for their field and lab research.

Sample Applications of ESI Technology Include:

  • Gardermoen Airport - Norway
  • The Argonne Boundary Layer Experiment (ABLE) - Kansas
  • Mining Reclamation - University of Kentucky
  • Study of Impact of Greenhouse Effect on Water Availability University of Basel

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