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Civil Engineering

Engineers, hydrologists and geologists require detailed moisture content data to properly evaluate soil stability. ESI monitoring systems enable these professionals to analyze soil conditions with a high degree of accuracy, and make their recommendations with confidence. Simple, inexpensive installation with minimal site disturbance means that no site excavation work is required and data obtained represents an accurate reflection of the surrounding material. ESI products are extremely durable and capable of providing accurate measurements for extended periods of time under the worst climatic conditions. They also offer flexible access to data - information can be gathered on-site or remotely using standard acquisition techniques and communications methods (including cellular).

Sample Applications of ESI Technology Include:

  • Development and design of water resources and irrigation drainage systems
  • Moisture monitoring under structures
  • Moisture monitoring in earth-filled dams
  • Disaster prediction research related to topographical changes
  • Analysis of sand arrestation and coastline protection/erosion
  • Analysis of changeable water flow affected by melting snow
  • Determination of water penetration and evaporation from soils
  • Moisture monitoring in cement and cement building materials

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