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For wine growers it isn't just a question of giving your vines enough water - sometimes they need to stress their grapes by depriving them of moisture to ensure that the fruit reaches the quality sought by the winemaker. In particular, soil moisture levels are critically important to the management of sugar and anthocyanin in the initial stages of ripening right the way through to the production of flavor compounds in the later stages of the lifecycle of the grape.

ESI solutions provide the wine grower with the accurate, reliable information that they need to manage their plants within their required moisture tolerances, helping them to produce exceptional grapes on a consistent basis. They also allow the wine growers to manage their use of water, producing significant cost savings on this crucial resource.

  • Accurate data for soil moisture and other key environmental variables for plant growth
  • Differentiation of moisture requirements during the growing cycle
  • Optimal irrigation routines for balanced plant growth
  • Optimal irrigation routines for water conservation

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