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Tree nurseries use techniques such as large potted seedlings and air-slit containers, to cultivate strong, healthy plants with well-developed root structures. It has been proven that irrigation techniques play a critical role in seedling physiology, however traditional approaches to determining seasonal soil water requirements during the growth period have been typically qualitative, based around the feel of the soil.

ESI provides a quick, accurate means of measuring the water content in a variety of potting mediums such as peat, vermiculite and sand using a unique probe to measure moisture content in tree seedling containers of only a few cubic inches in size. Greenhouse specialists can monitor water content of their soils in real-time, and irrigation can easily be designed to accommodate seasonal conditions, tree species and planting media variations.

80% of the public nurseries in the Province of Quebec use ESI's Moisture·Point® sensors

  • Accurate data for soil moisture and other key environmental variables for plant growth
  • Differentiation of moisture requirements between plant species
  • Optimal irrigation routines for balanced plant growth
  • Optimal irrigation routines for water conservation

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