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Farmers in the 21st century are using efficient irrigation technology such as drip systems to maximize their usage of one of our most valuable commodities - water. Water flow rates to irrigated areas can be controlled effectively, concentrating the application of water in the immediate vicinity of the crops and adjusting the quantity of water delivered. The next step in precision irrigation is accurate knowledge of soil moisture content around the crop so that the amount of water and the frequency at which it is delivered can be decided based on the actual needs of the plant.

ESI offers reliable, accurate measurement of soil moisture profiles with minimal disturbance to existing soil horizons across a broad range of soil conditions.

  • Effective distribution of irrigation systems
  • Accurate data for soil moisture and other key environmental variables for plant growth
  • Differentiation of moisture requirements between plant species
  • Optimal irrigation routines for balanced plant growth
  • Optimal irrigation routines for water conservation

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