In Line Water Sensor

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Moisture Sensor

ESI is pleased to introduce Flo·Point™ , a revolutionary inline water measurement sensor using a dynamic technological breakthrough, Time Domain Transmissiometry, to measure water content in a hydrocarbon stream from 0-100%. Flo·Point™ can measure minimal amounts of hydrocarbon in a water stream over the whole volume of fluid flow. The whole range measurement makes the instrument applicable to any industry which has a requirement to detect and measure water content of a hydrocarbon fluid stream. Flo·Point™ will provide measurements of water in coal slurry, edible oils, and miscible emulsions.

Features of the Flo·Point™ include:

  1. Can be used with a flow meter to accurately measure oil and water volumes
  2. Accuracy is unaffected by salinity or temperature
  3. Readings are adjusted for density
  4. Real time readings
  5. SCADA compatibility

The Flo·Point™ instrument body is a 316 stainless steel casting with an integrated electronics and sensor package . Two NPT 1/2" holes allow access to the electronics housing for power and data communications.

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