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Environmental Research

ET only accounts for part of the story of what happens to water - what happens above the ground. Different soil types lose differing amounts of water at varying speeds. Understanding what happens to water in the ground can help you to make effective management decisions that optimize energy and water use, while ensuring a high quality course. ESI monitoring systems enable turf professionals to analyze soil conditions with a high degree of accuracy, and make their management decisions with confidence. Simple, inexpensive installation with minimal site disturbance minimizes lose of playing time. ESI products are extremely durable and capable of providing accurate measurements for extended periods of time. Sensor outputs can be combined with a sophisticated, graphically based computerized control system, capable of interfacing with a wide variety of irrigation equipment, including pumps, valves, filters, fertilizer injectors, soil moisture sensors and weather station sensors. Unique irrigation scheduling abilities allow for time based, demand and deficit irrigation, based on soil moisture or other environmental parameters.

Accurate knowledge of the moisture in the soil of your turf can help you to:

  • Decrease energy use and associated water costs
  • Increase your players satisfaction with your course by increasing the quality of greens and fairways
  • Differentiate your course as a leader in environmental practices and efficient water use
  • Deploy your resources and personnel where they are most needed
  • Decrease costs associated with fertilizer runoff
  • Justify and track the affects of your irrigation decisions and management practices

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