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Profiling Probes

ESI's profiling probes can be used as stand-alone sensors, or incorporated into multiplexed configurations for wide area monitoring networks. The profiling probe delivers accurate, contiguous vertical profiles of soil moisture content.

The Profiling Probe

Environmentally benign, the profiling probe is designed for long-term environmental exposure. Each probe comprises multiple measuring segments (standard probes have from two to five segments). Moisture measurement for each segment is the average moisture content over the length of the segment.

Single Diode Probes

ESI's single-diode planter probe (SDP) comprises two parallel stainless steel rods (select from 15 to 45 cm. in length) fitted to a diode.

The Single Diode Probe

When connected to the MP-917 instrument via co-axial cable, the SDP probe can be used to accurately measure moisture content, under most soil conditions, using open-end time domain reflection along the probe segment.

ESI's Second Diode Assembly for SDP (SDA) provides optimum readings in containers and soil columns and is assembled as follows:

The Single Diode Probe

Single Diode Rugged Probes

For applications such as outdoor bareroot nursery environments, ESI has developed the single-diode rugged probe (SDR), which accurately measures the soil moisture content in the top 30 cm of surrounding soil. The SDR probe is lightweight and portable. It can be quickly and easily inserted into the ground with minimal disturbance to its environment.

Single Diode Rugged Probe

ESI's Rugged Single Diode Probe with Clip On 20cm and 30cm Rods is a convenient method of allowing rods to be left in the ground. Each probe includes one set of removable rods 20 or 30cm in length.

Single Diode Rugged Probe

Additional rods can be purchased separately.

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